Invisalign® Clear Aligners in Plainville, MA

At Plainville Dental Care in Massachusetts, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful smile. We proudly provide Invisalign clear aligners for our patients seeking straighter teeth. This clear and removable orthodontic method corrects several dental issues that many patients believe can only be treated with traditional metal braces.

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Reasons to Consider Invisalign Braces

Many patients with misaligned teeth either did not have the opportunity for traditional braces as a child or prefer not to wear metal braces as an adult due to their visibility. Invisalign aligners are an effective and discreet alternative to metal braces for adults and mature teens.

Invisalign orthodontics can correct:

Overcrowded Teeth – When there are too many teeth for either arch to support or they grow in too close together, surrounding teeth begin to overlap

Large Gaps in Teeth – This can be an inherited trait and sometimes occurs when teeth are missing, causing surrounding teeth to shift out of place. Invisalign trays can correct alignment before tooth replacement is provided.

Misaligned bite – If teeth don’t meet properly when the mouth is closed, this is considered a bite misalignment. There are many patients with issues, such as cross bite, overbite, and underbite that have had success with the Invisalign system.

Invisalign Braces – Steps to Straighter teeth

Dr. Peyman Beigi examines your smile to help him determine your eligibility for the Invisalign system. Once we confirm that you can benefit from treatment with Invisalign, Dr. Beigi obtains an impression of your teeth and gums and works with the Invisalign lab to develop the template for your first set of trays.

Invisalign trays are designed to be worn 22 hours per day and are only removed to eat, brush, and floss. Compliance with instructions is paramount to your success with Invisalign aligners. This system allows for simpler dental hygiene as the aligners are easily removed for home oral health care. Metal braces are not removable and require special tools to adequately clean teeth.

The length of time it takes for you to achieve your ideal smile depends on the complexity of your case. Patients with mild to moderate alignment issues often reach their goals with Invisalign aligners in a year or less.

Invisalign Aligners in Plainville MA

Why Choose Invisalign Aligners from Plainville Dental Care?

Dr. Beigi is specially trained to provide our Plainville patients with Invisalign clear aligners. This treatment is ideal for teens and adults who have mild to moderate malocclusions and are looking for a discreet but effective way of straightening their smiles.

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