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With recent advances and the availability of more and more orthodontic options, considering any kind of teeth straightening treatment can be a daunting task. At Plainville Dental Care, we offer a choice of methods to straighten your smile.

If you are looking for an affordable and expeditious solution for misaligned teeth, Dr. Peyman Beigi provides Fastbraces® in Plainville as an alternative to traditional braces and carefully guides you through the process of choosing the appropriate treatment.

A Technological Breakthrough in Orthodontics

Since Fastbraces® were first introduced, they’ve been an excellent choice for patients seeking a faster, more convenient way of straightening misaligned teeth. By moving both the root and crown of teeth at the same time, this option reduces the amount of time a patient must wear braces.

Fastbraces® brackets come in an innovative triangular design that lessens resistance to movement, resulting in much quicker results. The brackets employ a sliding process for teeth to be moved into the desired position faster. This design reduces the friction that can happen with conventional wires and brackets, decreasing the need for more frequent dental visits.

More than Just Cosmetic Braces

Many people confuse Fastbraces® as just a cosmetic orthodontic option, but they have much more to offer. Most cosmetic braces are designed to straighten front teeth quickly and efficiently, but cannot correct serious orthodontic issues. On the other hand, Fastbraces® treat malocclusion comprehensively in a much shorter time than traditional braces while delivering comparable results.

Benefits for Adults and Children

Fastbraces® patients report less general discomfort than those who are treated with traditional braces. The convenience of a much shorter treatment duration means you can plan ahead for a major event and have a smile you can wear with confidence.

Fastbraces® can:

- Be less expensive than traditional braces

- Be offered with clear brackets

- Treat teeth gently and with less discomfort

Dr. Beigi is highly trained and experienced with the application of Fastbraces® and can determine if you are a good candidate. Fastbraces® can be used for children, teens, and adults, revolutionizing Orthodontics by granting access to a straighter, more beautiful smile for all.

Your Source for Fastbraces® in Plainville, MA

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